Ram Trolls The Fake Feminists!!

Tue Jul 23 2019 19:40:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

Feminism doesn't mean to say that "Men are wrong and harmful!" But the social media feminism seems to thrive on such opinion as women get more attention.

Few handles and celebrities have made an habit out of it. They react to films as if films are the ones that are causing all the damage in the society.

Rather than giving the characters space to breathe and make constructive criticism they take turns to attack. So, many are reacting to them in a sarcastic way.

Ram too did the same thing and he did in his Ismart Shankar character style. He won a bumper lottery with the film and that confidence is evident with this tweet.

He tweeted,

"Hero helmet pettukoledhu..
Hero smoke chestunnadu..
Hero ammailaki respect ivvatledhu..
Entha sepu ivve gaani.. Akkada hero addamochinavaalani champestunaadu..ani okkallu kuda complain cheyadam ledhu.. No value for life! SAD!

#iSmartShankar - "A" Badass fictional character."

("People are always talking about hero not wearing helmets, smoking, stalking ladies, not respecting women, but the hero is actually killing people, will no one talk about that? Is there no value for life? Sad!")

Well, all people need is a society that tries to give space to art but not try to dismantle the very form of the freedom that it commands. If everyone tries to take a fictional representation too seriously then people educated should try to say what wrong is there with it than trying to just point out and call people behind those film names, without knowing them, well enough.