Amala Gets RGV Appreciation!

Wed Jun 19 2019 21:14:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Amala Paul shocked many by going nude for Aadai and the movie is about a gang rape of an innocent girl who plans revenge against the gang.

The movie is dealt in realistic way and in a very raw manner. In the movie, she needed to go nude so that she can show the pain of a girl in a heart touching harsh manner.

It is said to be an important movie for many at this point of time and Ram Gopal Varma praised the film teaser and team.

He deleted the tweet now but he praised Amala for her courage and the director Ratna kumar for his guts to bring the movie in such raw fashion.

Movie got an "A" certificate and this nude scene has created a huge buzz for the film as well. Seems like the team has a definite winner now.