Rana Shares His Worst Airline Experience!

Sun Dec 04 2022 21:28:11 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Daggubati scion Rana is one of the busy actors as he does films across the languages. The actor had an unpleasant experience traveling with an airline as the flight timings were changed his luggage was missed which was not tracked.

Rana Daggubati took to Twitter to share his unhappiness on this. He recently traveled on an IndiGo flight. Saying that he lost the luggage and the staff is unable to track the luggage Rana Dggubati said it is the worst airline and he had the worst experience.

 His Tweet received a reply from the airline company. In a post, the IndiGo company said that the engineers at the company will ensure hassle-free flights. Retweeting this, the tall hero said that engineers might be good but the staff is clueless.

"India's worst airline experience ever @IndiGo6E!! Clueless with flight times… Missing luggage not tracked… staff has no clue?? can it be any shittier!!" Rana Daggubati said on Twitter!

 "Note with this sale flights might not land or take off on anytime schedule!! - you're luggage they'll have no clue about," Rana Daggubati said in another tweet.

Usually, Rana Daggubati is known for his calm and composed nature and he doesn't lose his cool that easily. But he shared his dissatisfaction on Twitter. It appears like he did not have a good time with the airlines.