Raveena Reveals Interesting Details of KGF2

Wed Apr 01 2020 19:10:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

KGF-2, the most awaited sequel across India starring Yash in the lead role is going to hit the screens this October.  

Bollywood star actress Raveena Tandon has played a key in this film along with another Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt.

Raveena revealed on Instagram that she has wrapped up shooting for KGF. She said "Shooting for KGF Chapter 2 was a pleasure. The role is different it has got shades of grey. There is a lot of suspense. I wasn't sure if I would have been able to do it, but it was an amazing and fun role to do."

Raveena hasn't revealed much about her character in the film. She said she was happy to reunite with Sanjay Dutt on the big screen.

While speaking Raveena said about Yash, "He is a fantastic person, he is a gem to everyone on set. It was a great experience to shoot with Yash.

Raveena finished her schedule even before the outbreak of the Corona Virus and this massive project will hit the screens on October 23, 2020.