Revised fees for shooting comes a ride shock to Film and TV industries!

Sat Feb 20 2021 15:28:09 GMT+0530 (IST)

The Telangana government has come up with a new system to grant permissions for the shootings. The new system touted to be a single-window system is going to be an online affair.

The General Administration Department has issued G.O number 1976 on the 18th of this month with the revised prices for the film shootings. The new G.O has been sent to Film and TV industries.

The hike in shooting fees gave a rude shock to the two industries. To shoot in locations under the GHMC limits, Rs 30,000 have to be paid for eight hours. Shooting extra hours will cost Rs 4,000 extra per hour. Earlier, the price was fixed at Rs 5k per day.

Rs 40,000 will have to be paid as a caution deposit. Shooting at parks is also going to be costly. The shooting fee for the KBR park walkway is fixed at Rs 10,000 while shooting at the major parks will charge Rs 15,000.

The TRS government has fixed shooting fees for various roads, flyovers, and other places under the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation(GHMC) limits.

Shooting at the Durgam Cheruvu area will cost Rs 20,000 per schedule, while the price at the Adilabad guest house was fixed at Rs 10,000 for four hours. The shooting prices at the temples were fixed at Rs 10,000. To shoot at Qutub Shahi tombs, a fee of Rs 15,000 have to be paid.

The representatives of the Telanagana Film and Television industries were not happy with the new G.O. They have claimed that the state government has batted a blind eye towards their requests and hiked the shooting fees.

All the applications for the shooting permissions have to be submitted through designated online portals. The Telangana State Film Development Corporation will look into the requests for shooting purposes.