Watch: 'Rockstar' Shruti Haasan Kills It!

Wed May 22 2019 23:14:28 GMT+0530 (IST)

It's no secret that Shruti Haasan is multi-talented. She isn't only a Top Actress but also a musician and singer. A lot of her fans wondered what she has been doing in the past couple of years by taking a break from acting. A video posted by Shruti Haasan offers a hint of how she kept herself busy during this period. Here, She is seen crooning a song..! What a magical performance this has been? The way Shruti sung the song made everyone bow down to her passion and talent.

Don't be surprised if Shruti Haasan organises her own concerts in future. With the ability to perform as singer/composer at the highest level, Shruti can really win more hearts than what she did as an Actress. Isn't She A Rockstar?