Rowdy's production inching towards huge loss

Tue Nov 05 2019 12:06:10 GMT+0530 (IST)

Crazy hero Vijay Devarakonda's, 'Meeku Maatrame Cheptha' released last Friday. As it is his first attempt at production, he took care of every promotional aspect. He made sure that the film reached into the people by holding special events, making Mahesh babu to launch its trailer and he even sold tickets at the ticket counter on the first day.

Despite all that, the film is going to end up in losses for its buyers. There are a lot of reasons for its failure but the main reason is the low production values. Although the team claims that it cost them 5 crores, the output resembled the footage of a short film. People who spend over a hundred on the ticket don't want to feel like they are watching a short film on a big screen. Also, there are no notable actors in this film. Tharun Bhascker despite being talented is not your conventional good looking hero and the rest of the actors are completely newbies. On top of all this, the film got a mixed response with the audience criticizing the lack of strong story and a dragging second half.

All these factors collectively made this film a disappointment. The collections are very meager everywhere sparing a few multiplexes in Hyderabad. The situation is every worse in the B and C centers as people are not even taking this film under consideration and are watching films like 'Khaidi' and 'Whistle' instead.