Sai Pallavi Takes Over The Crown From Vijayashanti!

Thu Jun 16 2022 19:42:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

There are a lot of celebrities who speak a lot of ideals and morals in front of the media but fail to follow them in real life. Top actress Sai Pallavi does not belong to such a category. The actress possesses a huge craze among the public but never takes up unimportant roles. She accepts movies that excite her and it is this quality of her that made Sai Pallavi a top heroine. She does not do glamour roles and even does not endorse beauty-related brands as she is against them.

She stands firmly on what she believes and doesn't compromise at all which should be appreciated. With all these principles, Sai Pallavi became such a popular actress. She has a lot of fans all over and the sheer volume of whistles and cheers at the public events, whenever she comes forward to speak, explains a lot about her craze.

Heroines are usually referred as stars but they do not achieve the status that comes along with it. Back in the day, it was Vijayshanti who managed to draw the crowd into theatres just with her name and image. She had the star power and her strong image was something that the others do not have.

After her, not one heroine managed to get attain such a level of stardom till date. After all these years, it is Sai Pallavi who got this image and even the industry people are referring to her as a 'Lady Power star'. She is the talk of the town and everyone are hoping that she carries this image for many more years to come. Let us wait and see what happens in the coming days.