Video: 'Salaar' Beauty Gives Us A Taste Of Witch's Brew!

Tue Apr 20 2021 15:50:53 GMT+0530 (IST)

Star actress Shruti Hassan is a multi-talented artist best known for her acting, singing, producing music, writing poetry and other interesting things. She scored a big hit at the beginning of this year in the form of 'Krack' and sizzled in a special role in the recently released 'Vakeel Saab'.

The beauty is quite active on social media and posts colorful photos and other creative stuff. She recently posted a video that shows Shruti Hassan moving her hair all over. This has been played on 'Rewind' mode which makes it even more appealing. Along with the video, she wrote, "Some tasty witch's brew just for you"

She is looking gorgeous in that stylish outfit and this upload is getting a lot of likes from her fans. Shruti is currently working on Prabhas' upcoming action-drama 'Salaar' directed by Prasanth Neel. She is doing a couple of other Tamil projects too.