Superstar Snatches Phone, Complaint Filed!

Thu Apr 25 2019 21:53:18 GMT+0530 (IST)

A complaint was filed against Salman Khan by a Journalist at the DN Nagar Police Station in Mumbai accusing him of snatching his mobile while filming him when he was cycling on Linking Road. Quickly, Salman's Bodyguards have lodged a counter-complaint alleging that the Journalist filmed the Actor without his consent.

As per the complaint, Salman Khan was cycling from Juhu to Kandivli at 4.40 pm on Wednesday. The Journalist obtained the permission of Salman Khan's bodyguards before filming him. To his shock, Salman instructed his bodyguard not to obstruct the filming. Immediately, The Bodyguards pushed Journalist's Colleague. Then, Salman Khan snatched the mobiles of both the Journalists even after informing about their profession. The Actor had returned the mobiles only after he began dialing 100.

Whereas, An Eyewitness says Salman Khan has asked the Journalists not to film him. Even his Bodyguards requested them to stop shooting but they continued to do the same. That is when Salman took away their mobiles and returned them after sometime.

Salman Khan was already convicted in the blackbuck poaching case. What he has to go through because of the fresh episode?