Samantha Hurts Chay Fans Faces Backlash

Tue Oct 08 2019 11:15:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

Samantha follows her heart no matter what others might think. That was the reason why she remained unchanged even after becoming Akkineni Bahu. A recent post of the 'Oh! Baby' Actress hasn't gone down well with the Akkineni Fans. Particularly, All those who admire Naga Chaitanya hated it so much.

In the latest post, Samantha shared a picture of a dog which have a 'No.1 Husband' Tag around its neck on her social media handle. Many people found it very disrespectful to Naga Chaitanya. Even the Akkineni Fans didn't hesitate to come down heavily on Samantha for what she has done. All they expect from Sam would be showing some respect for her Hubby at least on the public platforms. Hopefully, Samantha will learn something from this bad experience and refrain from sharing posts that hurt the fans.