Samantha's Intervention For 'Akkineni' Benefits?

Tue Aug 13 2019 13:01:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

From the past few days, Nagarjuna's indirect satires on Trivikram have become a hot topic in the media. The senior hero didn't give any credit to Trivikram on Manmadhudu's success and later, he indirectly stated that Trivikram's ideas and dialogues have become outdated. But Nag is receiving backlash for this attitude.

Many people are expressing an opinion that it would not be good for the image of Nag to make such comments on Trivikram. Even though he has some personal issues with Trivikram, he should've not let it in public. Now, Trivikram also will remain in distance to the Akkineni family. Apparently, the director had a plan to make a film with Akhil but all he asked was a little more time.

But now, he might not even do that project as well. These differences might also affect the future relations of Akkineni scions Chay and Akhil with the senior director.

Keeping the good that might happen in the future, a few well-wishers are proposing Samantha to interfere in this issue and clear the differences between Nag and Trivikram. Trivikram and Nagarjuna might come forward if Samantha turns a peacemaker. Will she oblige or will she remain to stay calm? Let us wait and see.