Samantha's Stylist Complains About Chaitanya's Silence

Mon Oct 11 2021 11:02:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Samantha's personal stylist Preetham Jukalker has been in the firing line for many days. Akkineni fans and a section of netizens have been alleging that his close affinity with Samantha is one of the reasons behind the ChaySam divorce. Netizens pointed out the snaps featuring Samantha and Preetham to strengthen their point. In his recent interview with a media porta, Preetham opened about the kind of relationship he shares with Samantha and also about the controversial divorce.

"Samantha is like a sister to me and treat her like one. I don't know how people could spread rumors about her and me. Even Naga Chaitanya knows that Sam is like a sister to me. Everyone who knows us is aware of the kind of relationship we share. I expected Naga Chaitanya, who knows about me and Samantha would speak against the rumors or at least issue a statement condemning the rumors about the alleged 'affair'. I don't understand why he hasn't condemned any of these till now," Preetham said.

Preetham's comments on the ChaySam divorce give a new perspective of the whole development. He is now claiming that he always treated Samantha like his sister. Also, he seems hopeful that Naga Chaitanya will issue a statement pertaining to the 'affair' rumors in order to settle down the issue once and for all.

"People have been abusing me since the divorce announcement. They are saying I am the culprit. But I have always seen Sam as my sister, how can I even think of having a relationship with her? People are calling my number and threatening to kill me. A few have even stooped to a new low and made websites write articles that my mother has died. Not just me, even Samantha is hurting herself. She is suffering a lot. I will stand by her in the time that she needs my support the most," Preetham said.

Now, it remains to be seen if Chaitanya will actually release a statement in this regard but it seems a bit of a farfetch. Only time will tell if these speculations surrounding Samantha will die down or not.