Samantha Warns A Fan!

Sun Feb 23 2020 11:51:26 GMT+0530 (IST)

Samantha Akkineni is known for her friendly behaviour and she doesn't like to be rude around her fans, especially.

But the actress lost her cool over a fan and warned him to not follow her. Actually, a fan who did not understand the difference between stalking and taking a photo, kept following her.

She noticed him trying to take her videos all the time, even when she was at Tirmula Tirupati visiting Lord Balaji.

As she saw him trying to make a video of her entering into the temple, she warned him to not make any videos. This gesture of her has gone viral on the Internet, as it came out as a video.

Well, actors do like to have their own privacy even though they accept a life in constant public scrutiny. It is our duty to understand the necessity of giving them the space too.