Samantha's interesting comments about pregnancy

Wed Jan 26 2022 20:48:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Soon after Samantha announced that she is parting ways with Naga Chaitanya, there were several derogatory comments pertaining to her personal life. A few YouTube channels and individuals commented about Samantha's reluctance to get pregnant as well. She fought them in the court and the individuals were later ordered to take down the related content.

Now, an interesting video of Samantha commenting about pregancny has founf its way onto the internet and it is going viral.

In the video, Samantha says "Not many people realize this, but childbirth is one of the most painful experiences in the world. Women go through so much pain while giving birth to their children. In fact, childbirth is the most painful procedure in the world and there are no two ways about it."

Samantha's serious and though provoking comments about pregnancy are now catching everyone's attention.

On the work front, Samantha is currently busy with Yashosa, a pan-India film. She will be seen as a nurse in this film. More details about this film will be out in the days to follow.