Sankranti clash becoming a nightmare to overseas buyers!

Thu Jan 02 2020 14:30:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

The fight between Sankranti releases is reaching a whole new level now. If both these films hit the screens as planned, they would have been no problem but the sudden change in release dates is creating tension among the distributors and buyers. They are worrying that all this competition will affect them as they may end up in huge losses.

None of the recent big releases resulted in profits at the overseas market. They hoped that Sankranti releases will change their fortune but this fight is turning into a nightmare for them. The business of both the films were closed and huge advance bookings were done abroad. Distributors have spent high amounts on publicity and even producers are reportedly pressuring them to promote their film. Now the sudden change in release dates has left the buyers clueless.

Now, they have to make adjustments in the lease agreements. Money should be returned for people who did advance bookings or tickets must be given on the changed dates. There is a chance of people cancelling the tickets too due to this confusion. Buyers who hoped for making good profits this Sankranti season are now worried that the egos of heroes will damage their business.