Saranga Dariya not as effective as Vachinde?

Fri Sep 24 2021 21:27:13 GMT+0530 (IST)

Vachinde, a celebratory song stood as one of the major highlights of Fidaa, which had Sai Pallavi and Varun Tej in the lead roles. The song was a chartbuster and it single handedly built great buzz for the film. Also, the way this song was shot struck a chord with all sections of the audience. The Telangana flavor in the song and Sai Pallavi's excellent dance moves worked wonders for this song and it clocked millions of views on YouTube. Audio wise, Saranga Dariya from Love Story is a much bigger success than Vachinde.

Saranga Dariya had clocked over 100 million views on YouTube even before Love Story hit the silver screens. It stood as one of the special attractions of the film's audio album and also managed to attain buzz and anticipation to the film ahead of its release. The Telangana folk song too has a celebratory vibe and many thought that it would be a delight to watch on the big screens as the film hits the silver screens. However, as far as visual presentation goes, Saranga Dariya is not as effective as Vachinde.

Saranga Dariya has a very good tune and composition that has the potential to catch the attention of the viewers. As for its presentation, the song comes at an arguably poor timing. The makers seem to have held back on the song for the special attraction factor in the second half. But they have held it back for a bit too long. The tempo of the film is not at a great pace when the song arrives. Usually, celebratory songs like Saranga Dariya tend to click when they come in the early portion. This is when the spirits of the audience will be high and they will fully enjoy the song.

Reserving the song for the pre-climax portion didn't help the cause one bit. Despite the winning tune and Sai Pallavi's excellent dance performance Saranga Dariya doesn't hit the bulls eye owing to the poor placement and the lack of good build up. The song sets off when the narrative takes a serious turn. Including the song here doesn't work in its favour.