Satellite Market To Evaporate From TFI Soon?

Tue Jun 11 2019 15:22:49 GMT+0530 (IST)

Baahubali -1 had a better Satellite debut than Baahubali-2 but they couldn't beat Sri Ramadasu, Magadheera, Pokiri numbers. Decade from 2000 to 2009 saw TFI producing films to explore thriving Satellite market.

Even a nameless hero or production house could crack 1.5 crores deal as the channels were looking at a bank of movies to run 24 hours movies and songs channels.

But as 2010 ended, Satellite channels started buying less films as the people were looking at Youtube and the ad-less, back then, streaming of movies, interesting scenes which they would have no access to before at their finger tip.

Now, digital streaming is the thriving market as people are not interested in watching a 3 hours film for 4.5 hours with ads. Also, TV censor is taking away some scenes that people liked in theatre from films like Arjun Reddy, RX100.

Also, watching on streaming devices means watching whenever they love to and whatever they wish too. Just like an inexpensive DVD player.

During Pokiri or Sri Ramadasu Television debut, even films from 1960's or 1950's debuting on Television was a big thing. Annamayya, Pokiri are the most telecasted films as channels who bought these films repeated them endlessly.

Now Rangasthalam, Magadheera, Baahubali films are joining the league too. Still, the new debutants are finding it hard to get TRPs more than 5.6 or 6!

NBK's two big films NTR biopics and this year's popular films like Mr. Majnu have also been neglected, by TRP audiences more than ever. Satellite used to yield 10 to 12 crores for big films and now, we night see digital platforms giving that amount for early release.

How can Satellite channels counter this if they don't have digital platforms like Hotstar, Zee5 or Sunnext? We have to wait and see!