Senior Director Demands To Ban 'Family Man 2'!

Wed Jun 09 2021 17:19:59 GMT+0530 (IST)

The second season of 'Family Man' is making a lot of noise both good and bad. While it got positive reviews and millions of views from all around the world, it is facing a lot of heat from certain Tamil organisations. The criticism started soon after the release of the trailer. A few Tamilians claimed that they showed LTTE organisation in a poor light.

Post the release, many are saying that the entire Tamil community has been represented in a wrong way. A lot of hashtags were made to trend and they are even demanding Amazon Prime Video officials to take down 'Family Man 2'. They are accusing that the makers showcased LTTE leader Prabhakaran in a wrong way and even showcased LTTE soldiers drinking along with having connections with ISIS.

Senior director Bharati Raja fired on 'Family Man 2' recently, He said that 'Family Man 2' is against Tamilians and it is sad to see the central government not taking any action on it. He demanded the government to ban this series completely. Looks like the agitation is getting bigger with each passing day.