Sensational Tollywood Drugs Case Comes To An End!

Wed Dec 08 2021 14:18:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

The sensational Tollywood drugs case involving big celebrities from the film industry had attracted the attention of the country which saw the Enforcement Directorate(ED) stepping in to check for the possible money laundering case. The celebrities were grilled by the ED sleuths and the statements of the officials were also recorded.

Now what we hear from the media reports is that the much-talked-about drugs case dubbed as the Tollywood drugs case is all set to be closed by the Directorate of Enforcement on the grounds of unavailability of any credible evidence to prove the money laundering angle in the case.

The probe conducted by the ED in the case had reportedly not yielded any fruitful outcome. To check for the money laundering angle the officials have examined the bank transactions of the 12 Tollywood celebrities. However, no evidence in this regard was found by the officials.

With the probe in the case not showing any sign of progress, the investigating officers are said to have concluded that it is best to end the investigation and the legal procedure to call it quits for the investigation has also started and an official announcement would be made from the agency soon.

The ED had entered the case back in September stressing the point of possible Money Laundering angle and foreign exchange as the main suspect Calvin, a drug peddler who was arrested in the case is based out of Goa. The investigation carried out by the officials went along the same lines.

To check if the celebrities consumed the banned substances or not, the samples(nails, hair) were also collected from the celebrities and sent to the laboratory and the test reports said, there are no traces of drugs in the samples.

The alleged case was unearthed by the Telangana Excise Department back in 2017. Rana Daggubati, Rakul Preet Singh, Navdeep, Puri Jagannath, and others were the accused in the case.

The investigation carried out by the Excise Department and the Enforcement Directorate had landed in no man's land. With no option left, the ED officials had opted to close the Tollywood drugs case.