Serious Rivalry Brewing Between Upcoming Heroes!

Fri Dec 02 2022 17:33:32 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

These two are some of the most promising young talents in Tollywood. Neither of them have entered the double digits when it comes to their movie count but their rivalry is slowly but surely becoming serious. Both of them have a knack for picking up good stories and they even gave a good grip on writing as well. They get involved in the scriptwriting process and other aspects of filmmaking.

Both these had one commercial hit in recent times. Their previous films earned them a good reputation too. They are trying so hard to enter the Tier 2 league in Tollywood. At this time, their differences have peaked as per reports. Though they haven't made their rivalry public, these heroes often troll one another on social media.

Reports suggests that these two heroes have their own social media team and they troll each other's films indirectly. Apparently, they spent quite heavily on it too and the cold war between them has hit its peak now. Though nothing was released officially, their constant locking of horns is making their closed circles a bit worried.

Recently, one of these two heroes' project got disrupted and the hero walked away from it. Now, the other hero came forward to act in the same film. Due to actions like these, their indirect war is getting a bit intense. We need to see if they come to a stage where they criticize each other directly or not. People are suggesting that these two heroes should focus more on movies rather than these petty fights.