Serious rethink needed in TDP post-ZPTC, MPTC elections

Mon Sep 20 2021 16:18:36 GMT+0530 (IST)

The results of the MPTC and the ZPTC elections have left Chandrababu Naidu shell-shocked. The defeat has both been complete and comprehensive. The worst hit was in his citadel of Kuppam. The TDP was virtually wiped out.  In some places, his party's votes were in single digits. They did not even touched the double digit.

In all the four mandals, the domination of the YSRCP was clear and complete. The party won 12 out of 12 MPTCs in Gudipalle mandal, while 16 out of 16 in Ramakuppam. In Kuppam mandal, the YSRCP has won 17 out of the 19 sets. IN Naravaripalli, the TDP was defeated fair and square.

In Naravaripalle, the YSRCP got a majority of 1347, which by any standards is stupendous.  In Nimmakuru, adopted by Chandrababu's wife Nara Bhuvaneshwari, the YSRCP won convincingly. In Mylavaram constituency of Krishna district, which till recently was Devineni Umamaheshara Rao's fiefdom,  In Gollapudi, all the ten MPTCs went into YSRCP's kitty.  In districts like Prakasam, Vizianagaram, Kurnool and Chittoor the party had literally made a clean sweep.

The election results showed that the TDP still has a long way to go in beating the YSRCP. The TDP may have to come up with an all new formula to get better of Jagan. As of now , it is clear that the party will have to do a serious rethink about its strategies.  What is more  important is that the pro-YSRCP trend was uniform and the TDP could not revive itself even in one district.  The less said about the BJP and Jana Sena, the better. In some MPTC constituencies, these two parties could not even secure a single vote.