A Rare Failure For Khan's In Bollywood!!

Mon Jan 07 2019 22:15:05 GMT+0530 (IST)

Khans have been the rulers of Box office in Indian films for more than 25 years. Mainly, their films in Hindi became a huge vents for entertainment in India and even Overseas markets started expanding for Indian films.

In 2018, Salman Khan failed again with Race 3, for Eid. He made a huge troll worthy film once again.

Thugs of Hindosthan, big budget movie from Aamir Khan failed big time even in his strong market, China. Movie is the biggest disaster ever.

King Khan, Shah Rukh Khan continued his flops and delivered another big failure with Zero. He worked hard for two years to play a Dwarf, still the movie failed.

Ranveer Singh delivered two big hits with Padmavat and Simmba. Ranbir Kapoor gave the year's highest grosser, Sanju which collected more than 350 crores.  

Well, 12 years ago Khan's failed to deliver year's highest and this time even though all three came up with big films failed miserably. Is it a hint at changing times?