3.O - Will It Ever Happen?

Sun Dec 02 2018 10:35:51 GMT+0530 (IST)

Post the release of '2.O', There was a huge debate on '3.O' as Shankar offered ample hints with the Micro Robo. In his Instagram post, Akshay Kumar wrote: 'Meet 3.O in 2.O! The perfect movie outing for your children this weekend'. Makers believed Micro Robo would create wonders at the Box Office but so far no records were broken.

Critics & Trade Circles have their own doubts over the third installment. 'Robo' was made with a budget unheard in Indian Film Industry but it was able to create magic because of the way Shankar blended emotions with technology. In case of '2.O', Emotions have taken the backseat and the Filmmaker had to compromise to some extent due to the budget constraints. Even after investing Rs 550 crore, '2.O' wasn't able to earn record revenues and that left the trade stunned. LYCA Productions would regret investing so much if the sci-fi thriller doesn't enter profit zone. In fact, The production house has to compromise on pre-release promotions as there wasn't much difference between Budget & Pre-Release Business. Trade have the feeling that LYCA had unknowingly took the huge risk with wrong estimates.

Imagine, What could be the budget estimate of '3.O'? It will come as a surprise if it's less than Rs 1,000 crore as a new benchmark has to be set? Which Production House would be willing to go through so much pain after witnessing what happened in the case of LYCA? A lot depends on what could '2.O' recover by the end of its full run.