Shankar Strikes With A Strong Reply To 'Anniyan' Producer

Thu Apr 15 2021 18:51:20 GMT+0530 (IST)

It has been reported earlier that star director Shankar was written an open letter by Ravichandran who produced 'Anniyan' back in 2005. He claimed that he had the complete rights to the film and Shankar should not proceed with the Hindi remake with Ranveer Singh. He even warned Shankar of taking legal actions when needed. He even took a few digs on Shankar respectfully for going ahead with the remake without his consent.

Now, Shankar gave Ravichandran a strong reply by releasing an open letter to give his version. He stated that the story, screenplay and direction of 'Anniyan' were on his name and not late Sri Sujatha who Ravichandran claims to be with. He said that Sujatha only worked on the dialogues and it is his own story thereby claiming that he can do whatever he wants with it.

He added that Ravichandran gained substantially in the form of huge collections through his work. Shankar even asked to stop such avaricious and illegal claims to needlessly attempt to jeopardize his future projects. This is a very strong reply from the ace director. He is very sure that 'Anniyan' is his work.

We need to wait and see how 'Ascar Films' Ravichandran moves forward after such a strong counter from Shankar. As of now, there is still a lot of time for this project with Ranveer Singh to begin.