Shilpa Chowdary's victims include Mahesh Babu's sister!

Thu Dec 02 2021 11:39:50 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The arrest of fraudster Shilpa Chowdary is sending shocking waves all across. The issue is getting bigger and bigger after her arrest as the victims who were duped by her are coming forward to complain about her. The victims who were duped by her include celebrities which is making everyone wonder. The issue is the current sensation.

As a big sensation in the much-talked-about case, Superstar Mahesh Babu's sister Priyadarshini is also one of the victims of Shilpa Chowdary who lost money by believing the cheater. Knowing that the fraudster was arrested by the cops, Priyadarshini had reached the Police Station to complain against Shilpa Chowdary.

Media reports claim that Mahesh Babu's sister in her complaint said that Shilpa Chowdary cheated her for Rs 2 crores. In total, she was duped for Rs 2.9 crore. As a response to the complaint received, police at the concerned station reportedly assured her that they will probe the matter.

It is also said that Priyadarshini in her complaint alleged that Shilpa Chowdary used to host parties for the celebrities to get in touch with them. After gaining the trust of the celebrities, she collects money from the celebrities. This is the new angle in the case that was unearthed recently.

After unearthing a big scam involving Shilpa Chowdary and her husband, the duo was arrested by the cops. The initial investigation says that the husband-wife duo indulged in duping several people on the pretext of offering extra interest for the money they put in. The issue came to the notice of the police after a few people reportedly reached out against her.

During their investigation, the cops are believed to have found out that the duo carried out the racket from the luxury villa they have been living in for the past decade. Shilpa Chowdary and her husband host kitty parties to make friends with the celebrities and dupe them.

Several other celebrities are also said to be the victims of Shilpa Chowdary. Though the names of the victims are not known, a lot of names have surfaced. The investigation is underway and more details are underway.