Shiva Nirvana reacts to trolls on Tuck Jagadish

Mon Sep 13 2021 08:29:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

Nani's latest OTT outing, Tuck Jagadish premiered on Amazon Prime Video on the 10th of this month. Ever since, the film has been facing several trolls on social media.

Those who have watched the film are saying that there are so many characters in the film that we lose track of who is related to whom in the story.

Reacting to the trolls, the director of Tuck Jagadish Shiva Nirvana came up with an interesting response.

"people talks. spreads negitivity positivity love hate every thing .you have to take it with smile with courage with honesty and iam ready Thanks to everyone #Tuckjagadish," Shiva Nirvana tweeted. He also attached a video byte from Tuck Jagadish.

It appears to be that Shiva is taking the trolls on Tuck Jagadish on a positive stride and progressing along.