Shobana Reveals About Her Marriage!

Sun Oct 28 2018 23:11:59 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Shobana, Malayali actress took South Indian youth by a big surprise in late 80's. She became a dream girl with her dance, acting and beauty. In late 90's she decided to quit acting and conectrate on dance more.

She is a trainer now in different forms of Indian classical dance and she is even spreading awareness on different issues with her mixed dance form acts.

She travels all around the world giving performances in new forms of classical dances with her students. She is completely fit even in her 50's. Till now, she did not marry and she talked about it in one of her latest interviews.

She said, "I am not here to share about my personal life and choices. I like to tell one thing here, I am happy being single and very satisfied with my journey and life.

I don't think only marriage can give happiness and I am really saddened to hear everyone thinking that marriage is ultimate in life to feel fulfilled. There are many ways and every individual's life has its own merits and journey. You can't just generalise things," she concluded.