Shocking Details In Ed Investigation Tollywood Drugs Case!

Thu Sep 23 2021 16:08:44 GMT+0530 (IST)

The investigation carried out by the Enforcement Directorate in the sensational Tollywood Drugs Case came to the end with all the celebrities who were facing allegations have appeared before the officials and recorded their statements. The statement from the ED on the info it gathered in this regard is awaited.

The celebrities who appeared before the ED office in Hyderabad faced a flood of questions on their bank transactions and their alleged links with a main accused in the case, Kelvin. The questioning process for the celebrities went on for long hours.

As the ED had stepped into the alleged Drugs case to look for a possible money laundering angle, it has been widely reported that the ED officials grilled the celebrities based on the information given by Kelvin.

It is also said that the ED officials have focused on alleged bank transactions between celebrities and drug peddlers. The officials have also gathered information on the various events that were held at the F lounge Club in Hyderabad between 2015 and 17.

Besides asking the F lounge owners to submit the audit reports, the officials have also quizzed the manager of the club to gather more information. However, there is no clarity on what information the ED officials have gathered in the probe.

The ED has also focused mainly on the alleged transactions between the F lounge club and the accused in the case, Kelvin. The General Manager of the pub faced a flow of questions from the officials.

As the celebrities were grilled by the ED, a question of whether the agency will extend its probe by focusing on politics and other big shots in the state has been raised among the observers. With the political leaders in Telangana targeting their opponents over the drugs case, we have to see if the bigwigs will also be grilled.

On the other hand, the Telangana Prohibition & Excise Department had given clean chit to the celebrities in this case based on the analysis test. The samples collected from celebrities like the nail, hair were examined at the laboratory and the reports said that there were no traces of drugs in the samples.