Should Fans Be Demanding Or Dubmissive?

Wed Jan 08 2020 21:03:25 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

hese days, Tollywood is seeing extreme levels of fanism,  in the name of cults. These fan groups are causing extreme displeasure to others on social media and even to their favourite stars at events.

Mahesh babu Cults - This group attacks every other hero fans on social media either by poking them about collections or by deliberately commenting any hero. In this group, there are anti-fans of other actors who are more interested in making fun of other heroes than showing any love or respect towards their hero.

They always demand one thing from Mahesh, a film like Pokiri and records. Even actors tend to look at box office returns very closely these days but demanding certain kind of films only, how will that make you a fan who wants his/her actor's growth market wise or skill wise?

Pawan Kalyan Cults - This group of fans also try to poke others and they have gone a step ahead to create ruckus at other hero functions, asking them to chant their favourite hero's name. They think such bullying will show power of Pawan Kalyan. Actually, such kind of bullying as made many ask PK to tell his fans to stop such heckling in others' events. But that never stopped.

They demand every person to treat their favourite hero as GOD and even tend to say that he is bigger than Chiranjeevi, Rajnikanth. Well, the other two survived over 40 years as actors, stars on their own, trying to compare such legends with their hero, whose form and interest in cinema seems to waver doesn't fit right in any scenario.

Nandamuri Fans & Akkineni Fans: These two are more interested in poking fun at each other. Nandamuri fans group try to claim some unrealistic records and give some ridiculous statements that have no strong base of truth, whatsoever.

Akkineni fans mostly troll their heroes or share old records of their stars. Their constant demand is for big directors films even though such films seem to be heavy business risk that their favourite stars are not willing to take, at the moment. They like others get into fan-wars and heated arguments but mostly with Nandamuri Fans.

Only Chiranjeevi fans and Mega Cults: This group while doing all that we have stated in other hero fan routine, they start to troll others and even family heroes, like Pawan Kalyan, Allu Arjun to prove that only Megastar or Mega Family - heroes who they think belong to family, exists and all others are just comedy pieces.

Prabhas cults and Naga Chaitanya cults have also started with Allu Arjun Exclusives or Army. Each and every fan group try to post some kind of a record or poke fun at a post that other fan group as posted.

Looking at their discussion, some normal fans who try to go on social media for  news or daily updates, interaction with friends, end up joining them and the entire the conversation shifts to abuses in no-time.

This one hand damages a hero reputation and on the other hand, confuses any youngster as collections are the only parameter that a film person should think about. More than collections content matters and we remember we joke or a punch dialogue of our favourite hero, because of the impact it leaves on us, but not because of numbers, a film made.

All this argument looks like old school and it is important for us to go back to old school as manners and respect seem to be slowly vanishing from our system. Respecting a hero's choice and accepting a film result should be now fed into the veins of youngsters as things to seem to go down south faster than we can expect.

Life has many more problems, crisis and chaos waiting for us at every mode, fighting over film stars and issuing death threats, or trying to find some sadistic pleasure in the name of trolling shouldn't be encouraged! It was never fun and it will never be fun, either.