Should Nani Consider Hiring A New PR Team?

Mon Feb 24 2020 17:34:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

This is an age of social media but everything doesn't entirely depend on social media. This applies, particularly to the film industry. Many films get lauded in social media but fail in the theatres. The share that you get from theatres is more important than what you get in social media. But hero Nani's PR team seems to have forgotten this basic principle as their focus is always vested on promoting Nani's films through tweets, retweets, and Youtube. They claim these views as records as per many people from the industry.

Advertising a film on social media is quite easy as all you have to do is to attach a picture or a video and share it online. You get millions of views but what purpose do they serve? Without realizing this, Nani is blindly believing in a PR team who are incapable of handling all aspects of promotions as per experts.

This PR team has a terrible record as they recently gave publicity to a feel-good film like 'Jaanu'. Despite being a remake of a hit film, getting positive reviews and having stars like Samantha, they failed to promote the film which shocked many experts in the industry.

Another great quality about this PR team is being able to handle the media personnel very rudely. The film succeeds if it has strong content but relying on this team is a big mistake as per sources.

People claim that they are the reason behind bringing a bad name to Nai who used to have a good reputation earlier. There are known for their fake publicity and collaborating with them ended up Nani in flops like 'Krishnarjuna Yoddham' and 'Awe!'.

Searching for a way to go into the B & C centers instead of sitting on social media will make Nanu into a mass hero. His well-wishers are having concerns that he may end up becoming the Nani before 'Bhale Bhale Mogadivoy' if he still encourages this PR team. Even other heroes apparently warning Nani about this as per sources. Even his which got positive talk is failing to collect good amounts at the box-office and many are suggesting Nani to stop believing this PR team.