Shouldn't the doctors be provided with some relief, questions director Nag Ashwin

Thu Apr 29 2021 13:29:38 GMT+0530 (IST)

The demand to impose another stricter lockdown got momentum with the massive surge in Coronavirus infections and Covid-19 deaths. A section of media has also supported the demand.

Despite the experts' warning that India might see the peaks of the second wave of Coronavirus in May, there is no official information on whether one more lockdown will be imposed or not.

However, a section of people and analysts are of the opinion that imposing another lockdown might not help the country in fighting the pandemic and the normal people will get affected by this move.

Amid this debate, noted Tollywood filmmaker Nag Ashwin said that irrespective of what the government will decide in this regard, everyone should impose self lockdown for the coming two weeks.

Talking about people, who are in the opinion that lockdown is not the answer for the Covid-19 crisis, Nag Ashwin asked them to visit the hospital, so that they can know how the frontline warriors have been overworking.

Batting for the demand to give some relief to the doctors, who have been working relentlessly since the pandemic has started. In the post, the director said, we should not only think of mass vaccinating but also focus on giving relief to the doctors.

'Whether the government declares it or 2 weeks should be a personal lockdown...For those of you who say lockdown is not the answer, pls go see the hospitals and how overworked they have been the past month..While we mass vaccinate, we must give the doctors some relief,' Nag Ashwin tweeted.

Needless to say, his tweet received a super response from Twitterati. While a section of people is supporting his demand, a section of Twitteratti is expressing their concerns on the communities that depend on daily business.

When the nationwide lockdown was imposed in India, the middle-class people and migrant workers were the severely affected people. The middle-class people received a pay cut in their salaries, while the migrant workers were forced to reach their native places. They had walked hundreds of miles to reach their destination.