Should producers take OTT route or wait?

Tue Jan 11 2022 15:46:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Producers have been trying to find a way to become financially sound to hold off releasing their films for another six months or so. For past one year RRR, RadheShyam and Acharya producers have been waiting for the right window to release their films in theatres.

While these big films cannot just settle for OTT deals, other medium budget films can. Few films in the hope of repeating success stories of Jathiratnalu, Uppena are hoping to release their films in theatres only.

Several trade pundits opine that it would be better if producers start to take advantage of available OTT route and make some money off the films produced rather than taking further risks.

OTT platforms are coming up with their own plans to come up with several films and have a line up as well. So it might be better for these producers to go with premiering their movies on OTT platforms soon.

They can consider simultaneous release on OTT sites and theatrical release too like Wonder Woman 84, Godzilla vs Kong, Dune and several Hollywood films.

In India, Radhe and Bell Bottom tried such strategy for release but with bad returns. Producers seem to be forced to wait till the time changes worldwide for them.