Photo Story: Shriya Lifts Her Leg...What For?

Thu Apr 18 2019 21:00:42 GMT+0530 (IST)

Film career of Shriya Saran can been divided into two parts. While the Sexy Siren relied mostly on glamour in the initial years, She gradually shifted to performance-oriented roles in the recent years. That doesn't mean Shriya failed to please those who admired her beauty. The Glam Diva kept offering an eye-feast through social-media posts once in a while by doing what she is best known for.

In the above photograph, Shriya Saran didn't put any extra effort to look hot. All that she has done was lifting her leg while being in a black gown so that her thunder thigh will do all the talking. Learn the tricks of glamour from this Age-Defying Beauty any day!