Hero's Daughter Break-Up With Live-In Partner!

Fri Apr 26 2019 14:42:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

Shruti Haasan had fallen in love with London-based actor Michael Corsale sometime ago. They both have been in a live-in relationship for couple of years. Michael is one of the reasons why Shruti Haasan spent most of time in UK in the recent past.

If the latest reports in media are any indication, Shruti Haasan and Michael Corsale aren't in a live-in relationship anymore. There was even news that Michael had openly announced the break-up. So far, Neither Shruti nor Michael offered any clarification on this matter.

On the eve of Shruti Haasan's birthday, Michael Corsale declared she is the best Girlfriend of his life. He, however, refrained from wishing her good luck for future. Shruti Haasan, on the other hand, keeps saying she will marry when there is a necessity for companionship in her life. So, The suspense over the separation continues.

Shruti Haasan is making comeback into films after a long gap. She had recently signed a film starring Vijay Sethupathy. Few Telugu Filmmakers have been considering her for their future projects.