Side Business Of Heroines Got Affected A Lot!

Mon May 03 2021 18:06:31 GMT+0530 (IST)

Heroines these days know how to make full use of their craze. Along with doing many films, they even look at other opportunities to make money. Some of them even have their own fitness centres and jewellery shops. But everyone earns heavily through shop openings. There are a lot of stores and shopping malls which get opened in various parts of the Telugu states and the owners plan a huge shop opening ceremony by inviting heroines. This brings a lot of publicity for their business and heroines get paid heavily for attending such events.

Heroines who scored hits quote heavy rates and exploit their craze. Sources say that a top heroine charges over 7 lakhs for an event and the entire affair doesn't last long than an hour or two. Even the beauties with no offers in hands charge at least a lakh or two for such events.

But this way of earning has been affected badly due to Corona. As huge public gatherings are not allowed, the businessmen are not doing such opening ceremonies. It is very tough to maintain social distancing especially when celebrities are involved. So the organisers and shop owners are no longer holding such events which has affected the side business of heroines.