Simhadri's Re-release Unable to Beat Kushi's Record

Sun May 21 2023 12:58:07 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

In the current trend of re-releasing classic Telugu blockbusters, NTR's Simhadri took center stage as a pivotal film in his illustrious career, coinciding with his birthday celebrations.

The worldwide re-release garnered immense anticipation and excitement among NTR's devoted fan base. With extensive promotional campaigns and a wide release across numerous screens, Simhadri made its presence felt in over 1000 theaters.

While the film enjoyed strong performance in most territories. And it ultimately fell short of surpassing Pawan Kalyan's Kushi, which still holds the record for the highest worldwide opening, grossing approximately 4 Crores.

Simhadri, however, achieved impressive numbers with a worldwide opening gross of around 3.5 Crores. Nevertheless, the re-release of Simhadri became a momentous celebration for NTR and his fans, underscoring the enduring popularity and impact of the film.

It stands as a testament to NTR's stature in the industry and the unwavering admiration he continues to receive from Telugu audiences.