Sixty Plus Heroes Forced To Sweat It Out!

Fri Oct 04 2019 16:38:23 GMT+0530 (IST)

Remember the 80's where actors who were past their 60's used to play college students and dance around trees with heroines despite their age being completely visible onscreen?  Those days are gone and are not coming back. The senior heroes of this generation have to pull every trick in their hats to face the emerging and energetic young heroes.

Apart from choosing different concepts, looking fit and young has become so important. People are mercilessly rejecting their films if they look out of shape and pull of ridiculous stunts. Though the wrinkles on the face can be covered with graphics and proper lighting, maintaining body shape is becoming a must for our heroes like Chiranjeevi, Nagarjuna, Balakrishna, Venkatesh and others.

In spite of crossing his 60's, Chiru is putting a lot of effort in the gym to reduce his weight and look in shape. Nag who crossed the 60 mark in August is still giving tough competition to new heroes with his physical fitness which he achieved with strenuous workouts everyday. Rajnikanth relied on meditation and walking to stay fit as he touches 70 next year.

Even Nandamuri Balakrishna decided to turn into a younger version of himself as he is trying to shed 25 kilos for his next flick with Boyapati Sreenu. Seems to be a man on mission. Victory Venkatesh realized this much before like Nagarjuna. He follows Vivekananda's lifestyle, does meditation and is very careful about his food habits which is his biggest asset. Veteran Mohan Babu too is trying to stay fit with walking and jogging regularly. Martial Arts backdrop has definitely helped actors like Suman and Bhanu Chandar as they are used to tough fitness regime from a very young age.

With all the competition between senior and junior heroes kept aside, one should appreciate the effort and passion of seniors to sustain in this industry and youngsters should definitely take a leaf out of their book.