Social Media Can't Praise Yatra Star Enough!

Sun Feb 10 2019 10:54:02 GMT+0530 (IST)

Yatra is one of the few biographical movies that TFI managed to produce in last two years. It is a huge risk for actors, director and producer involved, as it could become a negative propaganda film too.  

Instead Yatra just concentrated on the person YSR was and how he changed for better from just another politician to a mass leader.

On his word, Congress was able to come back to power in Andhra Pradesh and understanding a person like that is a tough job. It is not easy to imitate him as it becomes mocking if not done well.

Mammotty, the star of Yatra took care of that aspect. While he chose not to imitate YSR or his look, he understood what the character required and delivered it in his style.  

He is the person who is able to connect the audiences to the character and be the shoulder on which Mahi V Raghav was able to deliver a simple yet good film about a politician.

It is him who kept it entertaining for common audiences and give fans an experience. Social media is praising the actor and his commitment to the character and even dub in the film.

Even though he is from Kerala and did not know the slang of Telugu that the lead character spoke, he did not let them be the hurdles. It is him who made the movie, a watchable experience for everyone say social media.