Chinmayi Being Called Filthy Names On Social Media!

Sat May 30 2020 17:40:17 GMT+0530 (IST)

Chinmayi Sripada is not a new name in South India. Known as the voice of Samantha, Chinmayi is responsible for making Sam a star by enhancing the performances through her husky voice. Also, Chinmayi is a strong woman who had the guts to be vocal about the oppression of women and casting couch incidents in South Indian film industry.

She stood up to some of the Kollywood's big names like Radha Ravi and Vairamuthu. She never hesitates to put out her opinion though social media and we all are aware of how many controversies she got into because of this. There is a lot of negativity over this singer and some social media never miss a chance to criticise her and make her look dirty in everyone's eyes.

She recently got herself involved in the Samantha Pooja Hegde feud and that did not go down well with some netizens. They started to criticise her and scold her and called her some filthy names. She recently wrote, "I offer my heartfelt thanks to many Telugu social media users who have all called me LM. Ee goppa culture aadavallani elaa public ga protsahistaru ani pradarsnchinanduku. Thanks for showing me how you all are. I accept it and own the term. #LadyMafia."

Some someone tried to cover up by saying that LM means Lady Mafia, Chinmayi was quick to reply that all the women are a part of this mafia then. It looks like Chinmayi and fights on digital space go hand in hand.