Photo Story: Most Adorable Photo of V-Day!

Sun Feb 16 2020 10:21:13 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

Public Display of Affection is normally trolled and kind-off scrapped as attention seeking thing done by few desperate people mostly.

The emotion behind is acknowledged by few genuinely and few follow them to show that they too understand such a thing, when on contrary they don't get it at all.

But photos stand for the moment. Some are etched as beautiful memories and some are just plain attention grabbing attempts.

Why to write so much about one photo? Well, when it is Sonam Kapoor who is involved in a pic, then who have to say something more than normal. As she can fall in plain attention seeker category quite easily and fittingly.

But she showed her genuine emotion in this photo towards her husband and then boyfriend, Anand Ahuja, in this one. We are not saying it because of the caption but we are saying it because of the photo, itself.

Somebody might have captured it and they might have did it in a planned manner to show that they did it impulsively or vice versa. No matter whichever category, it falls under, it shows an emotion and stands for an expression of love. Hence, we find it the most adorable pic on V-Day.

Sonam Kapoor Ahuja shared this picture and captioned it,

"Throwback to July 2016. Our first trip to Paris together, we had to take a cheesy Eiffel Tower picture! I love you forever, my valentine. Thank you for being thoughtful and so generous with your emotions, I've never been happier my love."