South cinema dictates, Bollywood follows

Mon Jan 24 2022 12:02:14 GMT+0530 (IST)

For many years now Bollywood has been the dominating force in Indian cinema. Be it the revenues be it the fame and attention Bollywood had it all. So naturally South Indian cinema was on the lesser side. But that is not the case anymore.

Cut to now South Indian cinema is dictating the terms while Bollywood is following them.

South Indian biggies like RRR Radhe Shyam and KGF 2 are now having the luxury to pick whatever release dates they want. Once these biggies are locking the release plans, only then are Bollywood biggies are adjusting accordingly and picking whatever dates are left.

Previously Bollywood films had the luxury of picking whatever dates they want as South Indian films had zero impact on the Hindi audience. But the equation changed with Baahubali and South Indian cinema has now emerged as the competitive force.

As things stand South Indian films are enjoying a great following in the Hindi belt and Bollywood is having to get itself accustomed to the paradigm shift as much as they hat to.