Did You Know That She Was A Telugu Girl?

Sat Jan 18 2020 12:11:15 GMT+0530 (IST)

We normally call native village of father as our home town and native language of mother as our mother tongue. If we grew up in Bihar but our mother belongs Bhimavaram, we tend to say our mother tongue is Telugu to anyone who quizzes us about it.

At the same time, if our mother's native is from anywhere else in India, but our father belongs to say Kurnool, we say our native place in Kurnool.

Why all these details, you ask? Coming there, Swara Bhaskar is a Telugu girl and even though she made a name as a writer and actor in Hindi, she is 50% Telugu from her father side.

Her father, Chitrapu Bhaskar is from Telugu states and he joined military as Navy officer. After completing his service he settled in Delhi as his wife works as a professor in JNU. She belongs to Bihar.

Well, Swara Bhaskar is half Bihari and half Telugu. She might be little left inclined but that shouldn't stop her from exploring some chances in Telugu. Are our producers, listening?