Sri Reddy Lits Fire Between Star Directors

Thu Dec 06 2018 11:15:37 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is known that Tollywood popular director Puri Jagannath is the student of controversial director Ram Gopal Varma. Both the directors share a great bond with each other and whenever Varma comes to Hyderabad, he will definitely visit Puri's house. But it seems like both the directors are not on good terms these days.

If the buzz is to be believed, because of 'Bhairava Geetha' movie Ram Gopal Varma has been staying in Hyderabad but is not showing interest in meeting Puri Jagannath. What happened between these two directors has now become a hot topic.

Digging the details, when the casting couch issues were going on in Tollywood, RGV has instigated Sri Reddy against Pawan Kalyan and made her show middle finger and abuse Pawan on social media. Not only the Pawan fans but also the so many big heads from the industry came out and said that what RGV did is not at all right.
Puri also said that he will always support Pawan Kalyan and he didn't like what RGV did. So, the news came out that both the directors are not being on good terms. However, Ram Gopal Varma came out and clarified that there are no disputes between them and they will always stay friends.