Sridevi Soda Center: 'Palasa' Director's Next

Fri Oct 30 2020 16:50:35 GMT+0530 (IST)

It is evident that the small film 'Palasa 1978' was hugely appreciated for its content and many film lovers appreciated the efforts of debutante Director Karuna Kumar for this bold societal drama.

Now this gritty Director is all set to direct young hero Sudheer Babu in the production no. 4 of 70 MM Entertainments banner that got huge recognition after decent hit 'Yatra' that was based on legendary politician YSR life event.

The movie team has released a pre-look yesterday that asked audience to guess the title of the film by showing a hint of Soda Bottles, Decoration lights, jasmine flowers and tool kit. Seems like a story of mechanic or small time social labour story based on the taste of director Karuna Kumar.

Today as said, the makers have released the title poster and revealed the title as ' Sridevi Soda Center'. The film would be an all new experience for Sudheer Babu. The makers have said that the film would begin it's formal shoot very soon!