Srinu Vaitla promises to make a comeback in 2020!

Thu Dec 26 2019 15:12:01 GMT+0530 (IST)

Srinu Vaitla became a prominent director post Dhee and after films like Dubai Seenu, Ready, King, everyone started following his format, where entertainment is given more prominence than story.

With Dookudu, he became a director to work with but after the movie, his downfall has started as he couldn't reinvent himself with everyone following his format to the tee.

Suddenly he became an outdated director and his Amar Akbar Anthony, became his worst ever film.  Hence, he took a break from writing and direction.

Now, he said to a media outlet that he has 4-5 scripts and he is working on one that he believes in. He said he finished 80% of the script and 20% will be over. He will announce his next movie in January, it seems.

He also shared that wherever he is in doubt he reworks on the script and he did it once with Dookudu which became a huge blockbuster. Until then, he used to lock one script and go ahead with it, full confidence, it seems.