Star Hero Ignoring Bigshot Producer & His Film

Wed Dec 08 2021 12:49:40 GMT+0530 (IST)

He is a star who is at the pinnacle of his powers. Despite coming from a big family with a huge following, he created a brand of his own and the star hero is aiming for a pan-Indian market now. His most prestigious project is coming out in a few days and every news related to it is going viral.

In the meanwhile, this star hero was supposed to work with a huge producer in Tollywood. They both have a great rapport and the star hero delivered some memorable hits under the big producer's banner. A crazy project was announced in their combination and it is supposed to go on floors already but things are not going as planned.

Talk in tinsel town is that the star hero is not interested in this film anymore. Insiders say that the director and producer were unable to impress this star with the script despite making multiple changes. There are chances that this project may get completely shelved. Also, reports suggest that the star hero's home banner and the bigshot banner had some differences recently with relation to a Hindi film they bankrolled together recently. Grapevine suggests that this is also a reason behind the star hero's delay in approving the crazy project. Let us wait and see what happens in the coming days.