Young Hero Upset With Senior Hero's Over Involvement!

Fri Aug 14 2020 14:00:16 GMT+0530 (IST)

If you are a youngster from a big filmy background, you get a free pass in this industry. You can become a hero in this industry without a single audition and star directors will be penning scripts for you. There are many such heroes in our industry. Not just in our industry but nepotism is very much existent in every industry. There is no stopping to this as every person wants to bring up his family member. A youngster from a great film family was introduced in Tollywood a few years back. He is a very good looking guy who needs to brush up his acting skills. He is waiting for a very long time for his first hit. He is doing all he can do to deliver a blockbuster but even his films which got positive talk are failing commercially.

Now, this young hero's dad who is a star himself has decided to set his son's career. He trusted his son's future in the hands of a star producer. This film has got decent hype and many are believing that he would deliver a super hit this time. But sources say that all is not going well between the young hero and his dad now. The star hero’s direct involvement in every step of his son's way is irking the youngster. He is making too many changes in this reliable film and he is getting over-involved in his upcoming project too. Reports are that this is the main reason for the difference between father and his son. Some are saying that the senior hero is using all his experience to help his son but the youngster is not able to understand it. Anyway, everything gets settled once this young hero delivers his first hit. Hope it happens.