Star Heroes Confusing Their Fans A Lot!

Wed Feb 01 2023 20:04:32 GMT+0530 (India Standard Time)

The current crop of star heroes have become way too skeptical in selecting scripts. While many heroes struggled to come up with one film per year all these years, the pan-Indian image has reduced their speed even more which is making their fans worried.

Allu Arjun's 'Pushpa: The Rise' came in the December of 2021. The second part started one year after its release and there is a talk that it may hit the screens in 2024. Knowing Sukumar's talking, it is not far from reality. Fans are not able to predict when this most-awaited pan-Indian project hits the screens.

Ram Charan is working with Shankar on a pan-Indian project. This political thriller would have been released in 2023 if things went according to plan. But 'Indian 2' came into the picture and this made Shankar shuttle between the two projects now. Ram Charan's movie's shooting is going on at a very slow pace and there is no clarity regarding the expected release date.

The situation of Mahesh Babu's fans is entirely different. After a lot of delays, the crazy project with Trivikram Srinivas kicked off. The expectations are high because of the hero and director's previous collaborations 'Athadu' and 'Khaleja'. But Trivikram is no longer making such movies and is sticking to family dramas. But there some people who say that #SSMB28 is a complete action thriller while others say that it is a fun family entertainer which we have not seen from Mahesh in recent times. Fans don't know what to expect from this project.

Fans of Prabhas don't know which film of their hero releases first. 'Adipurush' was supposed to release already but it got postponed to June. 'Salaar' is expected to hit the screens on 28th September while 'Project K' and Maruthi's 'Raja Deluxe' are also on the floor. Since Maruthi's film requires fewer dates, sources claim that it will release first while there are some people who say that 'Adipurush' will arrive first as expected. We need to see what happens.

Pawan Kalyan fans are confused about what project their hero is currently working on. He has announced '#OG' and 'Ustaad Pawan Kalyan'. 'Hari Hara Veera Mallu' is already on sets and there is 'Vinothaya Sitham' on cards too. He needs to complete all of them before the 2024 elections. Knowing Pawan, he juggles all these and fans don't know what film he is doing at the moment.

Last but not the least, Young Tiger NTR has one project in his hand right now and it is #NTR30 under Koratala Siva's direction. But no one knows when the movie will start. Many said the movie will go on floors in December but it got postponed to January. Now, people are saying February and we don't know when this pan-Indian project takes off.