Student Union demands a ban on Salman Khan

Wed Jan 29 2020 13:49:45 GMT+0530 (IST)

Salman Khan is known for being rash and harsh and his fans take it as his attitude and love him despite all the issues.

Now, a video of him snatching phone from a fan at Goa Airport is going viral. A security guard wanted to take selfies with him and the star got annoyed that the guard did not ask him, first.

While, Salman Khan is entitled to have his own opinion on what is acceptable and what is unacceptable, him acting rashly in public has made many go against him.

Even political leaders have joined into this and they are demanding an apology from Salman Khan. NSUI has asked Goa Government to ban entry of Salman Khan into the state, if doesn't apologise.

Also, BJP State Secretary of Goa, also said that the actor should apologise for his rude behavior. Before Salman, SRK too had such quarrels in public but not with fans.

The star apologised later to the officials and now, those incidents are looked upon as his brawls when he lost his temper, as he normally remains calm. But in Salman's case, many are asking the actor to apologize and they clearly know that he wouldn't. Let's see, what will happen further in this case.